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Forest expertise All forestry projects must start with a detailed analysis.

All forestry projects (purchase or sale of a forest, family arbitration, selling or acquisition of forestry grouping shares, etc.) must start with a detailed analysis.

The expert analysis consists of a quantified inventory of a property. It shows the elements necessary for taking a decision.

  • detailed description of the tree population in the forest
  • analysis of the accessibility and the road infrastructure on the property
  • evaluation of the potentials of the forest
  • determining the technical value of the forest
  • study of the amenities and the convenience values
  • establishment of a provisional budget
  • calculation of an internal profitability rate (TIR)

A good knowledge of the forest tree population in our area of activity, numerous references collected over the years (productivity of the various types of afforestation, selling price of the woods depending on their characteristics and their quality, operational constraints, etc.) and the use of modern technology (Geographical Information System and GPS) guarantee the rigour and precision of our expert operations.

During a transaction of a forest property, a doosier of an expert analysis becomes a basis for negotiation between the seller and the buyer. It enables discussions to concentrate on the observed and real characteristics of the property.

Such an audit, carried out by an approved forestry expert, constitutes a preferred reference dossier to request finance from a banking organisation.

 A detailed provisional  budget enables the planning for the reimbursement of a loan at the rate of the receiptsprogrammed in the simple management plan.